Red yeast rice wine 红曲米酒 homebrew #2 DIY

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I’m making more red yeast rice wine! This is an improved recipe from my first attempt. And it is still such a rich color and taste!

Disclaimer: this is not the traditional recipe for Chinese red yeast rice wine. I am using Chinese-style ingredients, but in terms of rice:water proportions, I’m following the recipe for Korean rice wine, makgeolli.

Red yeast rice (also known as ang-kak) is a kind of intentionally moldy rice that contains enzymes that convert starch to sugar. (The variety of mold is called monascus purpureus.) Chinese red yeast rice takes the place of Korean nuruk in this recipe.

1 kg sweet (a.k.a. glutinous) rice
100 g red yeast rice
2 Chinese yeast balls
1 L water

Wash rice gently 15 minutes. Soak rice in water at least 3 hours, or overnight. Drain 30 minutes, then steam for 45 minutes. Spread out to cool to room temperature. While waiting for rice to cool, grind red yeast rice and Chinese yeast balls into powder. When rice is cool, add rice to fermentation jar, add powder, and add water. Mix well by hand. Place in dark cabinet, 20-25ºC. Stir twice a day for first 3 days. Ferment for one month in total. Strain/filter into bottles. Will keep for years in the fridge. Keep the solid remnants (lees) for use in cooking.

First attempt here:

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