2019 Esprit Gassier Edition Limitée Côtes de Provence Rosé

Wine Review & tasting Notes of the 2019 Esprit Gassier Edition Limitée Côtes de Provence Rosé from France.

Score: 92/100 points

Overall Review Notes & Tasting Impressions

With a pale salmon pink color, typical of what we expect from a Provence rosé, the nose is clearly more vibrant than what we normally get from the Southern French rosé style.

It smells very fruity yet very sunny. A wealth of grapefruit, lime, and pomegranate character instantly bring the word ‘sun’ to your mind.

The wine seems to want to transport you to sunny places where gorgeous crisp and sweet citrus fruit grows, to Spain perhaps where you’d enjoy a sun-ripe pomegranate, to the Mediterranean Coast in short.

Take a sip and that’s when you understand this is actually a particularly good rosé, out of the ordinary.

It is vibrant with all the fruit characters we described so far, the citrus and pomegranate. But it backs it up with the additional crispness and feel you would normally expect more from a lime or a crisp grapefruit juice. Clearly the burst of grapefruit flavors adds a lot of freshness and zinginess to the sensation.

Esprit Gassier feels dry with citrus-like crystals of acidity, helped by edgy phenolics that amplify the granulous texture and the food-friendly feel.

Precise fruitiness, salivating zinginess, a rather explosive pungency. Quite a deep concentration in a lively and joyful balance too.

Here’s a wine that shines with a sunny feel, refreshing, yet concentrated and serious, always balanced in the refreshing and zingy style. Faultless. But better than that: cheerful…

What else can we say… A delicious and very satisfying rosé!

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