Bordeaux & Food Pairing

Bordeaux wines are known for their exceptional quality and are loved and appreciated by wine connoisseurs around the globe. That being said, there isn’t such a thing as the perfect bottle of Bordeaux wine ; different wines will fit different niches, especially when it comes to how well they pair with various food items at the dinner table. This article aims to help you familiarize yourself with some of the simplest yet most effective rules which will help you achieve wonderful Bordeaux wine and food pairing.

The difference between vintage wines and younger wines

Bordeaux wines can be separated into two main categories: vintage wines and young wines. Because of their different natures and flavor profiles, they should be paired with different foods.

First, let’s talk about the younger, inexpensive Bordeaux wines, such as Chateau Peyrabon 2016. These wines do an excellent job of complementing strong-tasting food such as roast beef, grilled meat such as steak or sausage, shepherd’s pie, and goat cheese. Let yourself be creative and try new and different combinations! Pairing a wine you like with food you like will yield way better results than if you were to force yourself to make the food you aren’t excited about.

On the other hand, vintage wines are aged wines exhibiting complex flavor profiles and sophisticated textures. When it comes to vintage Bordeaux wines, you should limit your food choices to simpler-tasting dishes, as not to mask the wine’s many delectable aromas. Steak, turkey, and game birds such as duck and pheasant, are all excellent choices to have along with a nice vintage Bordeaux wine. Avoid using too much gravy or sauce to not give your dishes an overpowering taste which would take away from the subtlety of your vintage Bordeaux wine of choice. One example of such wine would be the excellent Chateau Canon 2009.

What about white Bordeaux wines?

While Bordeaux is mostly known for its incredible red wines, the region also produces a number of remarkable white wines every year. What should you pair a wine such as Chateau Coutet 2015, a classified first growth white Bordeaux wine with ?

Thankfully, Bordeaux white wines are quite versatile and can work harmoniously with a plethora of different food combinations. As a general rule of thumb, Bordeaux white wines will easily pair with all sorts of white fish and buttery dishes. Seafood, in general, is an excellent match, as long as you avoid highly acidic flavors such as lemon and vinegar.

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