Is there a Red Chardonnay Wine?

Now this is an interesting question, that as a wine expert I wasn’t expecting but quite a few people ask it so it’s worth a little investigation.

Hear Whether There is Red Chardonnay Wines or Not in Video

Why Not a Red Chardonnay Wine?

The short answer is that no, there isn’t such thing as a red Chardonnay wine.

Chardonnay is a type of white grape that doesn’t exist in a red version. You can make white wine out of red grapes like in Champagne from Pinot Noir, or you can make a pale rosé from red grapes like the so-called White Zinfandel, but you cannot make a red wine from white grapes, simply because they don’t have the color and tannins for it.

So the closest thing you may find to a red Chardonnay would be a rosé wine containing some Chardonnay with a little bit of red wine for the color. Those do exist, and one easy example would be a rosé Champagne, many of which contain Chardonnay.

That said, I found in the Washington post that David Ramey who is a winemaker in Sonoma County, California, said: “Chardonnay is the most compelling and popular white wine in the world, because it is the red wine of whites. It’s so complex, so interesting. And it’s the red wine of whites for two reasons: barrel fermentation and malolactic.”

If you want to learn more about Chardonnay wine, here’s a couple of videos containing all the top facts you should know about the grape and the wine.

Learn More about Chardonnay Wine in Quick Short Videos

Here’s the Washington post article as a reference:

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