Wines of Romania – Pure Experiences

Wines of Romania – Pure Experiences is a documentary film shot as a travelogue that follows Robert Marshall, an Englishman living in Romania, throughout his journey to discover Romanian wineries and their surrounding regions.
Robert is a wine specialist who wanted to learn more about Romanian grape varieties and so he travelled around the country, during weekends, to discover where these vines grow and learn more about their history. In this episode, Robert travels to the birthplace of the white grape variety – Fetească Regală.
Cycling around the countryside, Robert visits several places in central Romania and experiences the beautiful landscapes and an authentic culture, rich in history. He meets people passionate about their lives and work and they share with him their unique experiences and stories.
He smiles, laughs and even dances with them, tastes local wines, savours delicious home-cooked dishes and this hugely enjoyable experience is captured and documented for us.
A project of ReVino and Black Hat Production.,

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