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hey home brewers,
So i’m making rhubarb wine! of course there are plenty of recipes out there but this is making an easy rhubarb wine. it’s a really simple recipe, rhubarb and sugar.
I decided that i wanted an easy drinking fruit wine that didn’t need alot of aging ( as in none ) and tasted like fresh rhubarb.
I settled on 2kg of rhubarb, I wanted it to have the taste without it being overpowering. of course if you want it stronger just add more rhubarb 😀
1kg of sugar,
1 teaspoon of pectolase
1 teaspoon yeast nutrient
a sprinkle of universal wine yeast.
this should be ready to bottle in around 4 weeks. as I do not use stabilizers or finnings, I let it naturally settle out. I find this to taste better and of course it lessens the alcohol flu you sometimes get when you over indulge 🙂
carry on home brewing!

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