What Wine to Pair With Steak | How to Pair Wine and Steak

Wine Types
If you’re looking for the steak recipe link, hold tight! It will be linked for you tomorrow (Saturday, September 9th) after I finalize the blog post! Thanks for your patience!

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In today’s video Dani talks about many wines to pair with steak. There are many options here, friends, so have fun with it! Keep in mind that any seasoning or sauce can change the flavor of the steak, so these pairings may not be accurate to your specific dish. However, if you’re just cooking up a juicy steak today, any of the wines that Dani suggests will pair well with it.

Check out the accompanying blog post to this video here to get specific suggestions on wines to pair with steak. Plus, Dani has included her favorite recipe on how to cook steak. Have fun pairing steak and wine!

Check out the video for more details about these common wine tasting mistakes!

Interested in learning more about components in wine? Check out this video:

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