4 Wine/Mead Clearing Methods Test

Wine Types
Today we’re testing 4 different wine clearing methods. We are facing the following clearing methods up against each other: Bentonite, Dual Fine, Sparkloid and a natural remedy (eggshell). I am using an apple mead that I made from awhile ago (I purposefully left this one unclear for this test). This mead is high in pectic so I think that could have skewed some of the results. I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know what you think below and make sure to hit like and subscribe to support the channel! Cheers!

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0:00 Introduction
3:38 24 Hours In
4:09 48 hours In
4:54 5 Days In
5:38 11 Days In
8:35 Dual Fine Taste Test
9:35 Bentonite Taste Test
10:50 Eggshell Taste Test
11:38 Sparkalloid Taste Test
12:08 Wrap Up & Notes

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