2- Easy Mulled Wine 🍷 / Hot Wine Recipes To do in ❄️Winter ❄️ / White Mulled Wine & Red Mulled Wine

Wine Recipes
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The recipe of white mulled wine / white hot wine

500 ml a young nor sweet white wine or gray alsace
1/4 cup brown sugar / I used chardonnay at 3 € no need an expensive one !
1 anise star
2 cloves insert in a lemon slice so you don’t need to search for them later !
Half orange slices
1 cinnamon sticks

Heat on very low heat for 8-10 minutes
Enjoy try it before if it’s enough sweet for you !

Red Mulled Wine

Recipe :
Half bottle of wine ( I used Pinot Noir ) 3,99€
1/4 cup brown sugar / or white sugar
Half orange 🍊 in slice
1 anise star ( you can skip it )
2 cloves ( put inside the orange so later you don’t need to search for them !)
1 cinnamon stick

Heat on low heat for 15 minutes – don’t let it boil , give it a stir from time to time .

Remove cover with anything 5-10 minutes
Serve or cover and leave , before you serve heat it little!

Relax & enjoy a Hot drink ! Olease drink in moderation and when you are feeling happy of not put a sad music and cry a good cry one time only Don’t cry again for the same reason ! Life goes one … enjoy Today yesterday gone and tomorrow not yet come !

Believe in yourself before all !
Say with me ! I can I will I did !!!

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