My Ex Is Back | Wine About It

This week Maya’s ex-boyfriend texts her, QT has a cheating story, Jersey Shore sucks now, QT and Maya start a podcast ( as each other?! ), and more!

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0:00 Intro

2:14 Maya’s ex texts her

4:52 QT has ‘drama’ with Ludwig / Ludwig runs a marathon

9:34 QT has ‘drama’ with Ludwig part 2

11:54 QT breaks out the evidence

14:41 QT and Maya start podcast based on Pinterest list

19:22 Jersey Shore season 4 sucks

22:19 QT and Maya start a podcast part 2

24:34 How does this podcast tie you into your other goals?

27:12 QT spills tea on cheating incident

33:07 QT’s assistant attempts to poison her

34:35 QT talks about Saltburn ( SPOILERS )

36:17 provide short lesson / piece of advice

40:47 Podcast topic suggestions

42:13 Maya is going to Brazil!

44:26 The Alaska airlines plane incident

48:09 Pinterest podcast suggestion conclusions

52:05 Pitching a Mr Beast video

57:00 Outro

57:34 bonus preview / end credits

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