🍒 Try this Soothing Sleepy Time Tart Cherry Mocktail!🍒 #dryjanuary #recipe #sleep

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Rather than sipping on an alcoholic night cap that leaves you with restless sleep, depleted energy, a cranky mood, anxiety, dry aging skin, lack of focus and poor memory …. (need I say more? 🤔😄)

Try this antioxidant-powered soothing, calming sleepy time tart cherry 🍒 mocktail instead!

🍒6 ounces chamomile or lavender tea (or other soothing non caffeinated herbal tea)
🍒4 ounces tart cherry juice (not concentrate), only cherry juice
🍒2 ounces sparkling water (or more if you’d like it extra sparkly

Pour the three ingredients over ice into your fave sipping glass 🥤
Garnish with orange, lime, or lemon, and add a little squeeze of citrus if you’d like! (Extra vitamin C boost too🍊).

Two things in tart cherries that may promote good sleep:
🍒 phytonutrients that act like antioxidants
🍒melatonin- your body’s sleepy time hormone

Tart cherries are packed with #phytonutrients, which are health-promoting compounds that combat inflammation in the body, including the gut and brain for body mind energy, clarity, focus and happiness. ☺️

Just some of the phytonutrients that act like antioxidants fighting inflammation in tart cherries include
🍒flavonoids (quercetin, anyhocyanins, kaempferol)
🍒flavanols (catechin, epicatechin)
🍒phenolic acids

Some studies have also shown tart cherries to improve sleep because of tart cherries’ melatonin content. Y’all if you want to FEEL good, sleep is key! 😴 Lucky for us, #plantbased foods have been shown to promote good sleep through their fiber, #plantprotein and other’s beneficial compounds like in tart cherries.

Try replacing your alcohol night cap with a tart cherry night cap to promote better sleep, energy, mood and overall health. Who’s in?😃🙌🏼🍒

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