Ring the bell and out comes a glass of wine! 😯 #italy #travel

A glass of wine…served out of a window 🍷

In Florence, Italy there are tiny little windows built into the side of most noble palaces. And from these tiny windows, wine is served.

Affectionately known as “buchette del vino”, Florence’s wine windows date back to the 16th Century, and were a means for noble families to sell their wine directly to the public. Their usefulness, however, really became apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic, and doubled as a unique solution to minimizing contact and halting the spread of illness.

We explore the history and preservation of these wine windows, and how they are still used today. Watch as ​⁠ guides you through this story. 🚀

#Italy #Florence #Wine

Lead Producer – Jacob Harrell
Executive Producer – Gen Ingham
Assistant Producer – Giulia Ausani
Editor: Jacob Harrell

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