Strawberry Jam Wine Recipe from Strawberry Jam (without the chemicals, pectin, schmectin) in 2020

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How to Make Strawberry Wine using Strawberry Jam (without all the chemicals). Yeah, we know, pectin is a thing. Many people avoid making wine this way due to the haze it can cause. Well, we are not those people and we’re doing it anyway. I’m not adding pecolase or pectinase (same thing really) and I’m not going to worry about pectic haze. This is an experiment! If you’re not sure about the end result, maybe wait a few weeks and see how ours comes out. Learn from our mistakes!

But… what if it’s a success? Well, then you can totally make strawberry jam wine then, right? We might have some suggestions and alterations along the way too. We wanted to find out if this jam wine thing was really as problematic as people said. People say a lot of things, and we like to test those opinions, even our own.

I see jam, jelly and preserves as ready made wine fodder personally. They have tons of sugar, lots of flavor, and pretty colors. If done properly, they should make for a great wine, no matter the flavor of jam used. The possibilities become endless. Various flavors, mixing them together, etc. All of the jam and jelly world is your oyster to make wine with. I don’t recommend adding actual oysters to your wine though.


60 ounces (1700 grams) Strawberry Preserves: 
1 pound 4 ounces (567 grams) Sugar 
Lalvin 71B: 
Water to bring batch to roughly 1 1/2 Gallons
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