How to Make Rice Wine or Sake at Home

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Rice wine also called sake is made pretty much wherever rice is grown. There are dozens of varieties. We researched and found many methods to make rice wine and it’s varietals, but the core idea was the same in many of them. The biggest thing to know about rice wine is that it’s more like a beer than a wine. First, it’s a grain. Second, the starches have to be converted to sugars. That’s beermaking. Many videos will show you making rice and just using regular wine yeast. That’s not really going to work. The starches in the rice won’t be converted and you will have a starchy, non-alcoholic wine. A lot of people will add sugar to the must, and that’s all that ferments, so really they’re making a rice kilju. Still not sake or rice wine.
Rice wine is made in the home a lot of times in cultures where rice wine is popular. It’s often served young, and still carbonated from the fermentation. I’m not sure if we will do that as I like to let things take their time. Being our first fermentation of rice wine, I’d like to let it go to completion and then let it clear. Many of our sources did the same. Most likely we will give this rice wine a few weeks, then remove the rice and let it finish.

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