2021/05/18 Grafting the Grape: Missouri Vines and Wines

Wine Types
Missouri Vines and Wines: Then and Now
Presentation and discussion on the American wine industry east of the Rocky Mountains, with a focus on American grape vines and the history of winemaking in Missouri. Join MO wine industry expert Michael Leonardelli to learn more on the development of native grapevines into wine producing cultivars in Missouri and other parts of the United States.

After a first career in healthcare finance, Michael earned an M.S. in Food Science from NC State University, and in 2010, he took a position with Missouri Extension to address quality assurance issues with new Missouri wineries, and to serve as faculty for the new Viticulture and Enology courses offered at UM, Columbia. Through 2016, he served as Food Science adjunct faculty, focusing on wine consumer education. Now retired from MU, he resides in St. Louis and continues his commitment to educating wine consumers through online webinars and research.

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