Falling in love with Lily | Wine About It

LilyPichu joins QT as a special guest this week for some girl talk, making friends, life stories, and exposing their boyfriends.

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0:00 Intro / How Lily met Ludwig

3:25 Pretty privilege / QT’s bad ex-boyfriend

6:37 QT is hungry

9:28 planning a double date

10:02 does QT or Lily want kids?

11:26 Obligatory Wine Review

14:11 QT’s disastrous double date with Lily and Michael Reeves

18:13 why Lily hates Taylor Swift

18:44 QT is jealous of Lily’s friendships

22:24 QT and Lily love secrets

24:08 QT’s wording mishaps

26:44 dog poop

28:47 Lily’s relationship history / people who make mistakes

31:36 How Lily and Michael met

35:07 how QT met Ludwig

40:43 how QT realized she liked Ludwig

42:09 struggles of dating another creator

44:16 How Lily fell in love

47:36 How Lily knew she was in love

49:09 Ludwig’s early rizz attempts

54:38 Michael being sweet to Lily

56:12 Outro

58:03 Bonus preview – Lily’s first acting gig / end credits

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