Pairing Wine With Fish: Red and White (Red Wines Can Go With Fish Too!)

Wine Types
Pairing red wine with fish is possible! With this handy guide you’ll learn how to pair both red and white wines with different types of fish. This very practical guide to pairing wine with fish is something you can apply immediately after watching this video, given you have a nice piece of fish in your fridge, or a shop you can get some nearby, and given you have a few nice wines on hand. Today we’re talking about how to pair harmoniously your fish dishes with some of your favorite types of vino. People will tell you, “Don’t pair red wine with fish”, but if you do it right it can be delicious…

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00:00 – Intro
01:03 – Red Wine with Fish
03:39 – Lean and Flaky White Fish: Sole, Flounder
05:16 – Medium-Textured Fish: Cod, Trout
07:15 – Meaty Fish: Salmon, Tuna
09:17 – Strong Fish: Anchovies, Sardines
10:48 – Conclusion

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