I meet an Expert – Vermouth (& fortified/aromatised wines) explained!

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Vermouth or Vermut? What is it? Is it good for cocktails? Can you drink it on its own? If you want the answer to any or all of these you’ve come to the right place.

And, if you’ve watched any of my videos before you’ll know I love vermouth and love using it in cocktails. In one ingredient you can pack so many flavours and levels of complexity. It’s an ingredient I recommend you get to know a whole lot better.

To do so, I caught up with my good friend, wine guru and vermouth expert Sacha Imrie of Melbourne restaurant Daughter In Law (https://www.daughterinlaw.com.au). In this video we work through a number of different vermouths (as well as americanos and quinquinas) from all around the world to help demystify this wonderful product and help you understand how to use the different varieties.

The brands we discuss are Lillet, Cocchi, (Americano & Di Tornio) Punt e Mez, Casa Mariol, (Negre & Blanco) Antica Formula, Regal Rogue, Adelaide Hills Rose & Dolin Dry.

For those interested in the Martini episodes I mention – https://youtu.be/hiQ57jbFY5s

Link to Masterclass Playlist from the end of the video – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq4QDlrfTBk3bhQL51F_7e1zDt2ouNPU4

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