How to Taste Wine: The Palate Test, ‘Sweetness’ – Novel Wines with Yaz and Ben Episode 3

Novel Wines with Yaz and Ben is our all-new web series starring broadcast journalist Yasmin Cooke as she begins to discover a whole new world of wine. Yasmin is joined by award-winning wine writer and Novel Wines co-founder Ben Franks.

In this final episode of the Palate Test – our method of making acidity, body and sweetness more approachable when talking about a wine – we’re all about sweetness. Sweetness is key to balancing wines.

This is also something you can do before you taste wine at home. All you need is some granulated sugar, water, lemon juice and a local honey. Yaz and Ben and explore how we describe sweetness in a wine, ranging from dry or off-dry to sweet as lemonade!

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Filmed by Katharine Agg, Gradino Agency

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