2017 Famille Paquet Saint-Véran En Crèches Chardonnay, Burgundy Wine Review

Wine Review

Score: 90/100 Points

Overall Review Notes & Tasting Impressions

With a bright and shiny lemon-yellow color, and delicate green hues, this Burgundy Chardonnay is positively intriguing to the nose, with dominant notes of marzipan, almond, red apple, and mango.

Pleasing tones of orange and acacia blossoms.

This is a dry, mild and soft white, delivering a smooth and mellowed oily texture to the start of the tasting.

While from the mid-palate on, some velvety and slightly bitter phenolics take over, providing a gripping sensation with more and more bitterness as the wine develops. For a finish, on positive vegetal characters.

The wine concludes as if you’d just bitten into a dried laurel leaf somehow, which is actually quite pleasant and interesting, at least positively unusual.

Some might say unique – given you enjoy this taste. It promises in any case to be a very versatile and very food-friendly Chardonnay thanks to its dryness and salivating finish. Yet, the wine is balanced, crisp and feeling fresh overall.

With a nice oily texture, very gentle notes of oak that perfectly respect the floral and delicately fruity aromas, this is a well-crafted, pure and precise expression of Chardonnay. Interesting, characterful, elegant.


Julien Miquel

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