SECRET RECIPE: Fuzhou/Foochow Red Wine 如何酿制福州红酒及红糟 超仔细(含中文字幕)

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Fuzhou (Foochow) red yeast wine 福州红酒 is a mandatory ingredient in a lot of signature foochow dishes. It also carries the taste of my hometown. Lots of people used to make this at home but it is slowly getting forgotten/ people getting too busy. Therefore, I decided to make a very detail video so that everyone can make it at home too and our foochow signature wine can be carried forever.

1kg glutinous rice 1公斤糯米
1600ml water 1600毫升水
40g dry yeast ball 40克甜酒饼
100g fermented rice 100克红曲/麹米

相关视频related video:
Red wine paste duck wing红糟鸭:
红酒面线 :

Music: Memory of wine 酒的记忆 , Composed by vinalex


Disclaimer: The author only shares own experience in homebrew glutinous wine, under strict hygienic and sterile technique, for home consumption only, and not meant for commercial purpose. Attempts to replicate this demonstration is at your own risk. Inappropriate preparation of homebrew/alcohol containing food can be harmful to health. Please check your local laws and legislation prior to homebrew.

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