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Our Date Wine Recipe for your own date wine at home! Super simple, but super sticky. Only a few ingredients, so this is wine one pretty much anyone can make, so long as you can get dates. We ordered them online. Date wine is easily a homemade wine.
We’ve not actually tried date wine yet, but this makes me hopeful. The smells were wonderful while we made this date wine.
A note about making wine at home if you’re just starting out. It’s very important to use exactly the quantity and product we used, or as close as you can get. Substitution of yeast or changing the quantities of ingredients will change the final product or worst case, can cause a stalled fermentation. We’re happy to help with your questions, especially related to this date wine recipe, in the comment section below. So, if you have problems in the making of date wine, let us know and we will do what we can to help you out!

2 pounds (906 grams) Chopped Medjool Dates:
Cup of Black Tea (we use PG Tips):
Rind of 1/2 of an Orange
1.4 pounds (635 grams) Sugar
Lalvin 71B:

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