Red Wine Grape Varieties | Cabernet Sauvignon | Pinot Noir | Merlot | Syrah

Wine Types
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White Wine Grape Varieties!!

Black grapes variety which is used for red wines.
Cabernet Sauvignon grape
Cabernet Sauvignon is considered to be one of the best red wine grape variety in the world.
Cabernet sauvignon is used in the combination with bordeaux grapes such as cabernet Blanc and merlot in the production of classic red bordeaux wine.
It is easy to cultivate in any kind of soil. This grape has a thick skin which protects from the insects and rain.
The colour of the skin is blue black and coated with natural bloom . Bloom means natural yeast stays on top of grape skin.
This grape gives the red Bordeaux wine its depth, aroma, long lasting flavour and keeping qualities.
It can be recognised by deep colour, fruity flavour and the aroma of black currant , black berry and mint.
High tannin in this grape need slow aging in oak cask.
Countries cultivating the grapes are USA,

Pinot Noir Grape
Pinot noir is a classic grape variety of burgundy and champagne.
Pinot noir is used to make the classical red wine of burgundy such as
Cote de nuits
Cote de beaune
It is one of the three permitted variety of grapes used in champagne making to gives structure to the wine.
It produces light coloured, light tannin and delicately flavoured wines with floral, herbal, strawberries, raspberries aromas.
It prefers chalky and clay soil.
Countries produces this grapes are
New Zealand

Merlot Grape
Merlot is an early ripening grape variety from Bordeaux in France.
It is sensitive and fungi and is frequently blend with cabernet sauvignon to produce excellent wines like
Saint Emilion
It has a thin skin and is bigger than cabernet in size.
Merlot is low in tannin, acidity and softer, smoother and fruity with plum,cherry flavour note.
It prefers damp soil and cooler climate.

Syrah or (shiraz) grape
Syrah is from cote du Rhone region in france.
Cote du rhone grapes are used to produce good wine like
And coronas
It produces deep colour red wine with aroma of pepper,
And blue berry.
Syrah is blended to make popular Brands wine
Chateauneuf du pape.
It has a powerful tannin which allows the wine to mature gracefully.
Countries using this variety are

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