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There wasn’t much good news to report as 2008 came to a close. Most people interviewed either for “Online” on in print were less than optimistic – understandably so.

Well, it’s a new year, there’s a new presidential administration coming in and the times – for better or worse – are a-changin’.

“Online” wanted to kick off 2009 in high spirits so we turned our attention to a most appropriate topic: wine.

No sour grapes here. But this is an equal-opportunity recession, no sector has gone unscathed and the wine industry is no exception. What does that mean for the beloved grape and all those involved in its production, distribution, sales and consumption? Is the industryfated to become the latest low-hanging fruit?

Not likely. But, in vino veritas, so the Business Journal checked in with Ned Towle, founder and director of the Westchester Wine School. Towle is certified as a wine educator by the Society of Wine Educators and as a wine judge by the American Wine Society.

In an “Online” interview, Towle talked about his school, which offers classes on wine tasting, selecting and pairing with foods, and his work with business groups to host wine dinners. He also discussed the industry and offered some suggestions on what’s hot these chilly days.

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