Better Than Tuscany? Check Out Our Piedmont and Barolo Wine Adventure!

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Vince and the crew venture to the rolling hills of Piedmont, home of the world famous wines of Barolo and Barbaresco and even try a few whites you wouldn’t normally associate with the region. Vince wanders the quaint hilltop towns of northwest Italy surrounded by vines on all sides, eats his way through endless pastas and vitello tonnato, and is even welcomed into the family at Pio Cesare – one of the oldest and most iconic wine producers in the world!

Wish learning about wine was easier? It’s fun AND easy with your personal sommelier, travel guide, and host, Vince! Join him as he travels the world of wine – eating, drinking, and breaking down wine topics for you up close and personal!

00:00 Intro
01:01 Piedmont Geography and Turin
05:41 Barolo
06:35 Downtown Alba
11:30 Pio Cesare Vermouth
13:02 Lunch at Federica’s
17:15 Monforte d’Alba
17:43 Vino VIP
20:02 Barbera and Nebbiolo
23:49 History of Pio Cesare
28:44 Serralunga d’Alba
29:30 Why Age Wines
33:36 Pio Cesare Vineyards and Winemaking
36:15 Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera Tasting
42:55 Vince’s Final Thoughts
43:42 Nerd Lab
46:44 Prepping a Homemade Italian Dinner
50:26 Single Vineyard Tasting
53:39 Dinner and Outro

Want to know more? On each episode of V is for Vino you’ll:

– Meet a winemaker and learn their story. One of the best parts of drinking wine is getting to know the place where it came from and the people who made it!

– Learn about the grapes. Vince breaks down wine topics easily and makes them fun and easy to understand!

– Visit the region. Not everyone gets to travel to wine country as much as they’d like, so experience the beauty and culture first hand with Vince. Travel the world and sip along from the comfort of your couch!

– Cook dishes that pair at a local restaurant…because what’s good wine without good food? Luckily, the world of wine is full of amazing chefs and restaurants ready to serve up something delicious to pair with the wine you just learned about.

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