We’re a Throuple Now | Wine About It

This week on Wine About It QTCinderella wets herself, Maya suggests a throuple, the weirdest call to FanFan and more!
Wine About It
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Wine About It

0:00 intro

1:30 QT p**d herself

8:06 QT no longer has shame

10:28 FanFan visits Alveus

14:42 Having *** with animals

16:18 FanFan calls in

19:28 FanFan visits Alveus ( continued )

21:12 Periods are NOT gross

22:46 Maya goes partying

26:11 Maya joins a throuple

32:19 Remembering Omegle

35:31 Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce updates

39:54 Being raunchy around parents

44:45 Taylor and Travis Kelce ( continued )

47:45 Kim Kardashian is terrible

58:50 Outro / End Credits

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