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Maya and QTCinderella are back! Holiday gifts, QT gets scammed again, and the big “drama” with Ludwig’s company party…
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0:00 Intro

2:01 where has Maya been?

3:36 how QT got scammed

8:43 QT realizes it’s a scam

10:20 this wasn’t the first time

13:54 Maya watched the Christmas concert

15:10 Maya is high maintenance

16:56 QT is mad at Maya

18:40 Maya reviews QT’s performance

20:11 recapping the last episodes for Maya

21:03 what Maya did while she was away

26:04 Christmas is expensive

27:05 QT pees herself ( again )

29:40 Ludwig gets exposed!

39:33 Maya’s candied citrus

40:56 getting gifts for boyfriends’ families

47:05 what would you get into an altercation over?

51:26 FanFan’s humor is inspiring

52:16 The GTA hacker

54:55 FanFan makes flapping sounds

56:05 The viral ExtraEmily clip / caution when rejecting men

1:01:11 Bonus Episode Preview / End Credits

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