96 point wine for $33! The bottle impressing a Master Sommelier

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Late last year Got Somme host Angus O’Loughlin was asked via our Instagram
“What bottle would you cellar for ten years”
He held up a 2021 Demi Shiraz that he was drinking in that moment.

That led to a phone call to Syrahmi owner Adam Foster who was inspecting the vines and they confirmed his studio attendance as first winemaker on the podcast in 2024!

Bottles brought into studio:
2022 Demi Shiraz
2017 Lala
2018 LaLa
2022 Syrahmi ‘Angus’
2004 Syrahmi (first ever vintage)

A bit of Syrahmi:
The name Syrahmi is a made up from “Syrah” the French word for Shiraz and “Ami” meaning friend. The idea being a “friendly Shiraz” or “A friend of Shiraz”. Syrahmi began in 2004 when Adam Foster gave up his day job as a Chef to pursue his dream of becoming a wine maker. He purchased his first tonne and a half of grapes from Heathcote winery and the dream was born.

Each year grapes for Syrahmi are sourced and selected from different vineyards in the Heathcote region. Thus each year the wines are given a different name to reflect the vintage.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/syrahmi.wine/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Syrahmi/100087596522797/

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About Got Somme:
A podcast for wine lovers who know nothing about what’s in the glass. The series will aim to educate listeners on types, tannins and taste to producers, appellations and age.

We speak to the best winemakers in the world finding out how they make the wine that has captured the attention of Master Sommelier Carlos Santos.

Carlos will aim to teach radio announcer and novice wine enthusiast Angus O’Loughlin how to discern a good wine from a bad and empower listeners with a skill set good enough to choose the table wine next time you have friends over.

00:00 – Syrahmi Intro
02:15 – The Demi Shiraz success and origins
06:25 – Heathcote’s surprisingly small scale
07:55 – The intent and passion around ‘Syrahmi’
09:36 – “I’m not a qualified winemaker”
13:24 – LaLa and “believing in the process”
18:50 – ‘Angus’ Syrahmi current vintage
24:45 – Blind wine tasting a VERY special wine
29:50 – Wine revealed! 🍷🏆

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