How Ordinary People Can Invest In This Alternative Asset Like The Elite 1%

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In this episode, Jason Raznick interviews Anthony Zhang, CEO of Vinovest, discussing wine and whiskey investments, market expansion, risk management, and more. Anthony shares his entrepreneurial journey, challenges, and passion for owning a vineyard. Listen to the full episode and more on the Raz Report!

Main Takeaways
– 💰 Vinovest’s mission is to democratize access to alternative assets, particularly fine wines and spirits.
– 🤝 Importance of trust and transparency in Vinovest’s wine and whiskey investments approach.
– 📈 Long-term potential and factors influencing returns in whiskey barrel investments.
– 💸 Emphasis on diversification as a key strategy for managing investment risks at Vinovest.
– 💡 Anthony Zhang’s entrepreneurial journey, from starting a food delivery business at 18 to founding Vinovest, with insights into challenges, growth, and the potential of acquisitions.

00:00 – Introduction to Vinovest and its Founder
03:00 – Trust and Custody in Wine and Whiskey Investments
06:00 – Expansion into the Whiskey Market
09:00 – Investing in Whiskey Barrels
12:00 – Risk Management and Diversification
15:00 – Expected Returns in Wine and Whiskey Investments
19:00 – Regulatory Landscape and Future Plans
20:00 – VinoVest Marketplace and Liquidity
23:00 – Communication and Task Management in a Remote Team
27:00 – Personal Advice and Challenges
30:00 – Overcoming a Spinal Cord Injury
35:00 – Expanding Reach through Charity Events
36:00 – First Job and Entrepreneurial Journey
36:57 – Early Ventures and Acquisitions
37:38 – Whiskey Marketplace and Wrap-up

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Disclaimer: This program’s information, material, and/or content is for informational purposes only. Investing in stocks, options, and futures is risky and unsuitable for all investors. Please consult your own independent financial adviser before making any investment decisions.

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