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*Creamy White Wine And Mustard pasta sauce*
Watch homeless hobo Delta Mike Torrevieja cook a creamy white wine and mustard sauce.

Pork In A Creamy White Wine And Mustard pasta sauce. A rich and creamy pasta sauce by the torrevieja hobo

Part of my cooking with a hobo playlist.

Full ingredients list below.

Struggling with the torrevieja weather he was prevented from cooking for three days by strong winds and with ingredients deteriorating it was a case of cook now or throw away food. So he made a creamy white wine sauce.

*Creamy White Wine Mustard Sauce Ingredients*
Chorizo (optional)
2 large yellow onions
Spicy peppers
Bell peppers
1 jar white beans
White wine
Pasta twists

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00:00 Let’s Cook Creamy White Wine and Mustard Pasta Sauce
00:35 Ingredients
01:47 Onion Magic
02:11 Fry Onions, Garlic and Spicy Pepper
02:54 TrampCast Ad
03:30 Add the pork and stir
04:05 Carrots plus water
04:24 Bell peppers plus White beans
06:08 Cream, White wine and Mustard
09:12 Sun getting low in the sky
10:03 Add the mushrooms
11:03 Pasta (oops!)
13:26 Dishing it up
14:48 Impartial review
16:49 Recap and Outro

*creamy white wine mustard sauce*
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*Previous Titles*
Pasta And Pork In A Creamy White Wine And Mustard Sauce

Creamy White Wine And Mustard Sauce With Pasta And Pork

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