57 different wines and he picked these 4! Lethbridge Wines

Wine Types
Bottles brought into studio:
2007 & 2018 ‘Allegra’ Chardonnay
2019 ‘Mietta’ Pinot Noir
2018 ‘Indra’ Shiraz
2018 ‘Hugo’ Super Tuscan
2019 Nebbiolo

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About Got Somme:
A podcast for wine lovers who know nothing about what’s in the glass. The series will aim to educate listeners on types, tannins and taste to producers, appellations and age.

We speak to the best winemakers in the world finding out how they make the wine that has captured the attention of Master Sommelier Carlos Santos.

Carlos will aim to teach radio announcer and novice wine enthusiast Angus O’Loughlin how to discern a good wine from a bad and empower listeners with a skill set good enough to choose the table wine next time you have friends over.

01:45 – History of Lethbridge
05:35 – 2018 & 2007 ‘Allegra’ Chardonnay
10:16 – 2019 ‘Mietta’ Pinot Noir
13:50 – 2018 ‘Indra’ Shiraz
16:24 – Heston Blumenthal
17:08 – 2018 ‘Hugo’ Super Tuscan
19:47 – 2019 Nebbiolo

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