Spicy, Herbal & Vegetative, Earthy Aromas (Olfactory Analysis) | Keys of Wine Tasting

Wine Types
In this video, I’ve quickly mentioned my 4 + 4 +1 approach that helps me organize all of these families of aromas. Here is my structure to remember them easily:

4 common:
a. fruity
b. floral
c. spicy/herbal
d. vegetative/earthy

4 less common
e. mineral
f. dried fruits
g. toasted
h. animal

1 helper
i. other (buttery/cheesy + medicinal + balsamic)

0:00 Family of Spices
0:53 Sweet Spices
2:03 Harsh Spices
2:48 Family of Herbs
4:31 Family of Vegetative Notes

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