How to open a bottle of wine! (for WSET)

🍷Discover the secrets to perfect wine service in today’s video! Whether you’re studying wine or just love enjoying it at home, knowing how to open a bottle correctly enhances the experience for everyone involved. From choosing the right corkscrew to the nuances of serving sparkling wine, I dive deep into the art and science behind each step.🔍✨

📚This guide closely follows the level three syllabus, making it invaluable for students. Yet, it’s packed with tips and insights that anyone, from casual drinkers to aspiring sommeliers, will find useful. We’ll explore everything from the traditional waiter’s friend to handling the pressure of sparkling wine bottles with ease.

🎥In this third part of our Wine Service series, I’ll walk you through:

Selecting the ideal corkscrew 🍾
Safely removing the foil 🗡️
The best techniques for uncorking, including dealing with older corks and avoiding common pitfalls. 🚫🤕
Tips for serving sparkling wine without the dramatic pop – unless that’s what you’re going for! 🥂💥
Remember, the joy of wine is in both the taste and the presentation. Let’s make every bottle you open an occasion to remember.

➡️ Check out for more wine wisdom, tips, and tricks to elevate your wine game.

👍 If you have any questions or want to share your wine-opening adventures, drop a comment below. I love hearing from you!

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