Black Sea Wines Documentary Film

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This film drives us through a number of wineries in the Black Sea countries and regions: Greece – Central Macedonia, Bulgaria – Varna Region, Romania – Vrancea County / Panciu, Moldova – Chisinau, Ukraine – Odessa Region. The film takes the audience on a journey from Thessaloniki to Odessa, were a lot of winemakers, wine producers wine critics and wine lovers, are interviewed. The trends, the techniques, the traditions of the wine industry in the Black Sea area are also examined.
The production of film is made within the framework of the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea WinExports” Project, co-financed by European and National funds. The EU Project’s partners are: Peirama NPO – Greece, Panciu Territorial Administrative Unit – Romania, “Business Agency” Association – Bulgaria, Moldovan Small Wine Producers Association – Moldova, and Regional Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship – Ukraine.

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