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In this video, Bob Paulinski Master of Wine tastes through 6 wines purchased from Aldi. Six bottles were picked up for under $40 (Michigan pricing). I bought a few of their top sellers and few other that looked to have potential. There are no Aldi’s where I live in NorCal. I’ve been in one just a couple of times in the US. I’ve been to many in Europe, there you’ll find a broader and better range, but lets give this a go.

Aldi has more than 10000 stores across 20 countries. No frills, limited product range. Within wine, there was less than 100 different wines, with the vast majority under $10.

A few general observations, all private label wines at low price points. Surprisingly, only one of the six wines purchased had screwcaps. Built to a price point, most have light weight glass, inexpensive labels and basic capsules. I didn’t see anything that had a eco-friendly message, no organic, sustainable, etc. And my glass for today is a basic Libby wine glass.

1) Winking Owl PG California, NV for $3.45 Shows its from Modesto, which means a Gallo connection. Pale, simple, cloying sweetness, slightly chemical, non- wine aroma. Not good.
2) 2022 The Exquisite Collection, Marlborough, NZ $9.99 Pale, youthful looking, greenish tinge, vegetal, sweaty smells, doesn’t have the passionfruit, guava notes that define the region. Not awful, but the Kirkland SB is superior for less $.

3) 2021 Global Adventure Series Chianti, $4.99 Pale, bit washed out, smells vegetal, lean, mean, aggressive acidity, lacks fruit. Pass on this one.

4) 2018 La Cornada Crianza Tempranillo $4,99 Pale red, whiff of oak, has an odd chemical smell, the wood obliterates the fruit, dry, aggressive back palate. Should have a screwcap.

5) Winking Owl CS, California $3.45. All Winking Owl are line priced at $3.45 Medium deep red, almost no aroma, bit of sweetness, unidentifiable as CS.

6) 2022 Scarlet Path Lodi OV Zin $8.99 I holding out hope for the last wine. Cool label, some cost tied up there. Lodi is generally a good source for Zin. Medium deep, some berry fruit, overripe and under-ripe character in the same wine. Can happen with Zin. Simple style, decent, but it’s had much better for the same money.

This was a rough tasting. My advice is to spend a couple of more bucks and you’ll get better quality.

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